Walk with a girl for the first date or meet her there?

So this girl and I are going to grab coffee. The coffee place is about a 10-15 minute walk from where she lives.

Should I ask her to meet me there or should I meet her outside her dorm (we're uni students) and walk with her there.

On one hand, walking with her would give us something to talk about so it wouldn't be like: sit down, awkward silence.

On the other, walking that 10-15 minutes might get awkward?


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  • Just like you said it will give you both time to talk on the stroll there. It will also show her you did put forth some measure of effort to be with her to begin with. It would be a win win. Go meet up with her and walk her there. She will like the guesture


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm the type who would like to spend some time outside with people, if things get awkward, ask her about her hometown, or what he favorite thing to do is, try to find something she's passionate about and that will get her talking. What's her favorite time of day? Ask her to describe her favorite color in great detail.


What Guys Said 1

  • If it is just uni accommodation and it is not awkward or anything, I would walk her. It mostly depends on how well you know her. If you haven't really spoken before, many girls only feel comfortable in public areas with a new guy, and who can blame them, honestly I think that is smart. If you have spoken a few times at least, or are maybe friends already I would walk her though, she would like that if she feels comfortable with you.

    • We met a couple months ago and talked a bit but haven't really talked since.

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