Should I send him a message?

I went on a weekend trip and met a guy who brought me out bar hopping on my last night there. I got a bit tipsy and went home with him (eek questionable decisions) but once i got there I was sober enough to know and tell him that I wasn't going to sleep with him. We made out and such but I was pretty assertive about setting boundaries. At the end of the night I went back to my hotel.
He texted me that night to make sure I was back safe. He also texted me the next day to briefly ask how my last day there was.
I'm home now and realized that amidst all the craziness of wrapping up my trip I totally didn't thank him for showing me around. While i know I was not obligated to sleep with him, I just feel a bit rude for not really acknowledging that he at least spent time bringing me around. Would it be strange for me to send him a message now thanking him? I'm not from his area so I am not looking to bring this relationship anywhere.. just thinking about courtesy... OR should I just leave it?


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  • Since you did not thank him before you left, it would be the proper thing to do it now.


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  • I think it's a nice gesture to let him know you appreciate his company.


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  • you don't need to but it would be a nice thing to do


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  • Thank him, he's been really Nice to show you around. And if he tries to bring your relationship anywhere just tell him how you think about that :)

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