How do I tell him without sounding pushy?

So my boyfriend is 19 and I'm 15 and he's been saving money for an apartment... he lives an hour away from me and he said if we lived closer he would come see me so I wanna ask him if maybe he could move like 30 min closer to me... it's hard because he has a job and I don't want him to quit his job. i don't know how to bring it up and tell him? And is it possible to transfer jobs? Like if you work at Walmart in one state can you go to the state next to that and keep your job without a worry?


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  • What worries me more is that you're 15 and he's 19


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  • How long have you guys been dating? And it's possible when they are chains but you need like a month's time to actually transfer. At least that's how the chain I work for works.

    • About 2 months...

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    • How long does the honeymoon phase usually last? And no we have never met

    • For my boyfriend and I, it lasted about 3 months before everything got real. And do you really think you should be dating someone you haven't even met? He could be catfishing you and/or have a girlfriend already