If this is too much to answer I'll understand lol! Which group of guys are known to still get women despite being at a social disadvantage?

Which group of guys still get women despite being at a social disadvantage in the dating game? white guys? Black guys? Hispanic guys Asian guys? Mixed race guys? Also in order, which less likely at a disadvantage and who's more likely to be at a disadvantage?

lol I knew it!!


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  • Probably white, I would guess. But they can probably all get women if they want to, they just need to keep their standards to their own level. You knew what exactly?

    • I extremely doubt white guys would be at a social disadvantage. Women in society has been brainwashed by the media and etc. to believe that white guys are the cream of the crop. I knew that a lot of people would avoid this question lol I commend your bravery for answering

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    • I'm talking about a social disadvantage all across the board, not just looks and yes people are avoiding this question It's been posted for 12 hrs and only one person answered lol. I knew a lot of people wouldn't answer

    • I'm not really sure. What do you think?

      Well, it's a pretty tough question to answer without doing some type of research on the topic. I've never really noticed or thought about it.

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