What does it mean when someone says I have time for a boyfriend or girlfriend?

What does it mean when someone says i have no time for a boyfriend or girlfriend?


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  • I do not believe such thing. Love is not arrangable in your head. It is either there or not. If you are really busy, you can still make time, even a little. Other person will understand the condition. No pushing or forcing.
    But saying i do not have time for a gf bf, it means i do not have time for you.


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  • It's sometimes a brush off..
    Other times it's genuine, their life is just crazy atm and they would be unable to sustain a relationship, it's just extra stress on them...
    The trick is knowing which one it is


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  • i believe it's an excuse.
    there's no such thing as no time, not just for a bf, but for anything. we all have used this excuse before and every time i use it, i think 'what the hell am i saying?' ... there is time. anything u make time for will happen.

    no time for gym because it's raining now.
    no time for this assessment because work is taking over
    no time to apply makeup because i woke up late
    no time to spend with the man/woman i love, because life is too busy.


    bla bla bla bla bla bla go make time.

  • They don't think they could contribute to a relationship meaningfully because their minds are somewhere else and they wouldn't have time, literally, to spend time with their significant other.

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