How do you tell a guy you like him without ruining everything and making it super awkward?

We already have trouble talking in person because we know so much about each other by talking through text and I don't want to make things worse? But I want to tell him?


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  • Part of life is taking chances by going for what you want. Think about the worst case scenario and the potential upside. It doesn't matter whether or not he says yes or no. This is about you and what you want in life. You're only 17 once.

    Do you really want him?

    Can you handle the consequences of the worst case scenario?

    The scale tips in either direction based on your intuitions. If you really want him, then you're willing to face risk in order to get him. If you're not willing to face risk, then you don't really want him. To try and avoid consequences altogether is not how life works. If you play it safe I guarantee you won't get the results you want.


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  • Make sure it's normal between you guys in person before you take it further. The thing is, if you tell him you like him that won't make things less awkward in person, just take it one step at a time.

    • How do I do that? How do I act normal around him and make it less awkward?

    • I used to have the same problem with the guy I'm into, we used to talk a lot over text but not as much in person. I fixed it by talking less over text, and less personal things over text, and then just talking to him more in person. If you talk about something to him over text you have to be able to talk about it in person, or it'll just be awk. So next time you text make sure not to say or do something you wouldn't say or do in person.