Need help from ladies on girls behaviour n sexual health.. Help me out will yall?

So yeah my gf fights her sexually urges with all her might.. she is a virgin but i know she masterbates.. It takes too much to get her to do so.

I dont wanna pop her cherry that's ger choice when she's ready coz iv never asked her nor do I want her to feel slightly that's all I want from her
I just wanna take away her stress n please her coz above all sex/oral sex is the best cure.. also is healthy n brings a couple closer..

its something I preffer to do with her alone rather than cheat (never happening)

The way she fights ger urges to get turned on is it feels like I'm the problem.. im 500km away from her coz of my work projects...

I dont ask for pics or anything what do u think is the problem?

Ladies please advise me...


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  • Hey there :)
    You seem like a pretty good guy, who doesn't want to do what is seen as a bad thing. Personally, if I was your gf, and found out that you were cheating on me, I wouldn't like it.
    I think you should talk about it with her, try and get her to answer your questions. Let her know that you're there for her and that you support her choices, and you don't want her for those reasons. Try and explain that her resisting getting turned on, lowers your self-esteem because you feel like you're the problem.
    If you remain calm and caring, she should answer properly without getting mad :)

    Don't cheat until you've spoken to her. Get your facts straight. Maybe talking to her will help you understand your relationship better, and maybe you'll know what to do with it after.

    Hope I helped :) - B x

    • after you do this and it so happens that nothing changes.. then cheat.

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  • Dude... Just cheat - it's the only option you got.

    • Thats just cold bro... if your gf cheated on you.. would you like that?

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    • It's good that you're not forcing yourself on her though. But don't know what to tell you but to cheat. Find a down low fuck buddy. Preferably someone who understands your situation, and is cool with no strings, lastly one who doesn't know your gf

    • Opinion Owner, you're an ass. Never cheat. If it's not working out, be honest and act with integrity. Break it off. Never ever cheat.

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  • The best solution for both of you, would be to get married. Then, you can live together


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