How many of you guys have found that women lie when she tell personality first? Or it's for the very long run?

I discover it from a while its lie and doesn't exist when women say personality first seriously think about it is there any hot girl here want to date very nice sumo fighter? No why coz how they look

BUT maybe and big maybe if they feel want to settle down they will down their standards about appereance by 30% to 80%

I found this its real anyone agree?

Also question for women why do you lie? Coz of pitty or you want to make the pic of the women like the perfect the giver the kind gender? OR WHAT?


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  • This might be your MHO LOL because 1st of all "I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS" If someone isn't visually/physically attracted to you THEY AREN'T EVEN GOING TO GIVE YOU THE TIME OF DAY in the 1st place, right? or should I say approach you

    NOW IF they were your friend 1st "that girl/boy" might catch feeling for you somehow. if you were able to say the right things, at the right times ^^. If not forget all of that personality > looks "BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN" they can't find out what type of person you're if the moment they saw you they thought "NAW not my type because____", right?

    • But the question why they lie to us did you see the amount if the comment how many of them keep saying personality first I mean it doesn't help the guy when they tell him personality first but in fact if he spent 100 bucks and 3 hours on his appearance he will get better chances thats sure and fact

      And do you think if the girl is friend with sunk fighter she will be he's girl? NO specialy hot girls

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    • Check it this is the title it's in the dating section

      Girls do you realize that you're lier when you say personality first or you even dont realize? Dating

  • i guess most girls lie when they say "personality first" but there are some of them, who don't lie indeed ;-)