HELP NEEDED!!!- Do you think my friend likes him?

The other day I had a sleep over with a close friend and I think she likes my boyfriend. They used to date and it's obvious that she and another guy are flirting.

She told me how he was in love with her and how he used to drool over her but she insisted she doesn't like him. She also kept saying how she would date him again if given the chance.

Today we were all sitting down in class and she chose to sit next to him and kept talking and laughing with him (I was on the other aide of the classroom but I could hear and see it) but when I'm there she says she hates him and pushes him away.

Also, a few weeks ago in another class I wasn't at school and she insisted on sitting next to him and was upset when she didn't get partners with him. A friend and my bf told me this. But again whenever I'm not there she says she hates him and pushes him.

I'm not mad if she likes him I just want to know!

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Also do you think it will ruin my relationship and my friendship? Thanks o


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  • Maybe she likes him. But it's possible she just misses his company or is wondering what she could have had. Maybe she feels guilty and so that's why she says that to you.

    I don't think it will ruin anything if it's just hanging out. I mean if all of you are friends it's fine. It's just having fun when you're young.

    If anything happened that was suggestive then that could be a problem, but see how things go. See what happens if there are other boys in the room or someone else she fancies and whether your friend chooses to still try and pair up with your guy.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Could you help me with a question pls? It's a little similar - about a female friend who is taken and coming onto me - she knows I like her friend (who is single). Would really appreciate your advice!!


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  • I would leave this whole situation behind... no reason to go through all that. she at least seems like a total B for a friend, and who knows, he may not even be aware of it, he could be cheating. I would opt out ASAP

  • I think she likes him. And yes, it could ruin your friendship. Just saying.


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  • Listen ur friend & bf is cheating you... I know its hard to face reality... Yes.. It will ruin ur relationship.. Give a break to ur bf & see what he is all about..

  • It is possible that she likes him. But not impossible that she doesn't like him. Maybe she just wants a boyfriend?