First date after a blind date diner and sleeping over. How can I 'leave him wanting more' ?

Last week I was invited to a blind date diner, hosted by a fraternity. I am member of sorority so I am used to this kind of events.
I met my date and we hit it off immediately. We laughed, talked en totally forgot other people were around. When I went to the bathroom after two hours of non-stop talking he went straight to his frat borthers to tell them 'wow she is so great, i really like her, so glad we were matched up, she is such a fantastic girl!'

I've had a lot of fun. We share many interests and were completely on the same page about everything. Even better, we had the same sense of humor.
I have been on many dates and have had boyfriends, but I have honestly never felt so comfortable with someone. I was completely relaxed and my best self. I felt like I could say anything and he still likes me no matter what.

I spend the night at his place and we had sex. But it was also very intimate because we (especially he) couldn't stop chatting and laughing. Sometimes we just lay ther smiling at each other for an hour
From mutual friends I heard that he never takes girls home and he rarely has girlfriends or dates, so 'he must be into you'. I asked him out and he was super excited. We will meet up this Saturday.

I am so very excited, but also very nerveous. I thought I would take him to a hip music café and for a round of pooling. But what if he wants to spend the night? I would secretly love to have him sleep over, because like I said, I have never felt this way about anyone before... But I've heard the phrase 'always leave them wanting more'. That seems weird since we have already slept together.

What should I do and how should I say it? I am really into this guy and want to get to know him better :). I hope he feels the same, I am not up for any kind of bootycall or friends with benefits relationship.

Thanks in advance!
(English is not my native language)


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  • Hey I wouldn't worry he sounds very much into you, my girlfriend and I spent the night with each other on only the second time we met up, and we've had a very healthy sex life with each other, it never made me want her any less I'll tell you that, as for the phrase "always leave them wanting more" i reckon you could take it as meaning just out-do all others so all he wants is you.

    Good luck :)

    • Hi LemonEd! Thanks for your soothing words haha! I feel more confident now. I just wonder... If you already give a guy girlfriend-privileges (like having sex with him), what will make him want to commit to you? If you get the milk for free, why buy the cow (European saying sorry haha). What made you want to have a relationship with your current girlfriend, while you were already getting everything?

    • your already doing all the right things I guess find out if he has any hobbies or activities you could join in with and enjoy together. I've found the best relationships I've had are basically like just having best friend but with the added bonus of sex haha

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