What is the deal with this online dating?

Okay so I saw the ad and signed up to see what its all about. I only had the account for 2 days, several guys messaged me but I started talking to this one guy. I deleted my profile. So I'm talking to this guy on AIM, just the fun casual stuff. He asked me what I was looking for. And I said I don't know. He said he wasn't looking for a girlfriend and said that he thought I was hot and would want to hook up with me if he could. I told him that I'm not planning on hooking up with random people. He said it was cool and would still wanna hang out with me.

I'm now having reservation. So he just basically wants to hook up. Ah maybe this whole online thing was a bad idea to begin with.

what do I do now? Do I go through with meeting him? Or just avoid it?


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  • There's nothing wrong with going online for dating, but going online to hook up with someone is very bad. In fact its crazy! Its obvious he isn't looking for any kind of meaningful relationship, and just wants some quick sex. Its guys like him that give online dating a really bad reputation! Tell him to get lost! He's a freak!

  • Online dating is actually a good way to meet people. . But, keep in mind, the kind of guys you would meet at school are the same kind of guys that like to meet people online as well.

    So, it's not that online dating is at fault. You just need to be more selective. There are plenty of guys that have profiles that are looking for real relationships. . Anyway, online dating beats meeting someone at a bar any day. ;-)


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