Is two weeks too long for a guy with commitment issues to cool off? Does this mean he's not interested?

I think I scared a guy with commitment issues away by asking him where things were going too soon. The conversation ended up feeling like an argument and he said he felt pressured. I apologized and he ended up staying over. I was gone on a trip for a couple of days so we haven't seen each other since. I've texted him twi e to which he's answered. He has not really initiated contact with me or asked me to hang out since. Should I be worries he lost interest for good or is the fact that he's answering my texts a good sign. could he just need space to think. how much time is too much time for space and I should assume it's over?


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  • Answering your text is a good sign.'m not initiating them isn't. Stop texting him, allow him to miss you and just go out and do your thing.

    • ok but you didint answer the main question is two weeks too lI don't think you understood. I know for a fact that he has all these jobs I've seen him go to them but it's not for me he's doing this its to pay back his student debt. He's not upset that I was gone one weekend. I'm not always gone, I'm upset becaus long for him to cool off. Should I assume he's done?

    • I did answer your question... you chose not to ignore the answer!! The length it takes him shouldn't matter, what should matter is him not initiating things. That's where the interest is lost. Regardless of how busy we are, if we want to get in contact with someone, we make it happen.

    • You chose to ignore the answer*

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