Girls why do u ignore a guy u have meet a few times?

If I comment on her post she doesn't reply. She replys to my friends. It's very rude


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  • Sigh. Us girls can be so rude.

    Honestly because girls are so confusing, she either a) likes you, b) hates you or finds you annoying or c) knows you like her and she's stringing you along- of the sort

    So it's this new thing apparently, that some girls will act totally untouchable and cool and they will not comment on all the comments they receive on a photo. It's selective. The comments that she deems worth replying to, she will reply, but if it's something that she just Cbb to reply to she won't say anything.

    (She) as in the general female

    So since her not replying to your comment has totally affected you im going to go off the assumption that you like this girl.

    I don't know maybe she is better in person than she is online but she doesn't seem that great if she can't reply to your comment.

    But, before jumping to any conclusions why don't you help yourself out and just ask her why didn't you reply to my comment.

    Nowadays we all like to beat around the bush and not ask things that we want to ask. If you want to know something just ask. If you thinks you're weird or I don't know responds rudely then this girl ain't worth your time or your comments.

    Know your worth and you should never feel disappointed.

    I hope everything works out for you (:


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  • Hey there :)
    Maybe she's not interested in you and thinks that you like her? I know that some guys who like a girl can get really sweet, and us girls want to be polite so we pay a little attention to you, but tend to distance ourselves because we don't want you getting the wrong impression. However the more we distance ourselves, the more clingy the guy gets. So we sometimes just ignore that person. It's horrible, but I've been in awkward situations where I've been friendly with a guy because he seemed cool but the more we chatted the more clingy he got. No matter how hard I tried to make it clear, he kept sticking around and it became quite frightening.

    Hope I helped :) B x

  • Hard to get or simply not interested. You need to find out which one.


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