Its quite messed up?

So there was this guy who i was kinda with but he got mad at me because he thought i told people about us having a thing and i did not but i didn't explain my situation to him so we just ended up, not talking like we stopped talking haven't spoken for a week. I kinda miss him just because we used to talk a lot. Anyways i was trying to get over him and just be okay like feel happy but i heard news back form a school that i applied to saying i was waitlisted and I'm really down about that and then in that same day which was yesterday i hear a rumor going around about how i sent nudes to this guy and the thing is i didn't we used to sext and he sent me nudes but i never sent any to him and this was obviously one of the reasons why. but his best friends with this guy who hates me and his best friend goes to my school and started the rumor telling my " best friend " that i did and he had seen them, she doesn't even believe me and takes his side because she likes him but Im not sure if the rumor was made up just from the best friend or from the guy i liked, and now my best friend who goes to school with the guy wants to talk to him about it cause i would have done it but he ignores me and i try to as well.

Basically i want to know if i should confront him about it and what i should do?

and also this is an irrelevant question but i don't know what to do about being waitlisted either ( i got waitlisted at deerfield academy ) not sure if i have a chance or not?

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What Guys Said 1

  • That was hard to follow, truth be told. As an older person who's long retired from the drama stage, I'd recommend leaving it. You don't want stress or drama in your life.

    • But i don't want people to think i did it and i kinda do still like him which i know is bad. but i really thought we had something.

    • Then it sounds like you've already decided what you need to do :D. Good luck to you. I hope it all works out for you with minimal stress.

    • thanks :)

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd confront him in front of all his friends, put him in his place and say:

    How about these nudes you sent me? You want me to post them to everyone or are you gonna shut your dick hole?

    What a prick...

    • haha i wish i had enough confidence for that! but i don't think i could pull it off. Im not sure if he started it cause he was so sweet to me and i really liked him and i can't believe this would happen and i didn't screen shot the pictures he sent me because i thought that would be rude. i really want to talk to him about it but i feel like he hates me and doesn't want to see me yet alone speak to me. I really thought we could have been something real though :/

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    • To be honest I'd leave it, maybe send him a message is you really want just saying that you aren't sure if it's him or his friend but someone is spreading nasty rumours about you and you are hurt and upset by it, that you would have thought better of him, even if it wasn't him he should shut his friend up.

    • Thank you :) i think ill that.

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