What do you think this means?

I liked an executive of a large company I saw on tv and send her a friend request on Facebook and she's accepted it. She's just 2 years older than me, what do you think this means? What should I do now?

She lives 194 miles away from me


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  • That she is networking and unless you pull some creepy crap like asking her on a date it will remain that way. She may not even look at her own page depending on how high an executive she is. Could be her secretary that said yes to your request. All in all I don't think it "means" anything

    • Are you sure? I'm not in her business area and isn't professional networking done on LinkedIn?

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    • I said I've liked her when I saw her on tv, she thanked me, I asked if she lived in Lisbon and she did not reply. What should I do now?

    • You liking her on TV is the goal so of course she would thank you for that. Her lack of reply to your question about where she lives is the answer. Move on.

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