Should I text him back after my late text and he ignored it?

So, I met this guy at the weekend. We had a short conversation and a few laughs. Later on he asked for my number. I was pretty drunk and was talking to a lot of people - not just him, but every time I glanced over he was smiling at me and had a nice, laid back aura about him.

He seemed more kind than pushy, and he was very, very cute (good-looking). He texted me the next day and I replied 2 hours later as I woke up quite hungover and he text me back within 10 minutes. I didn't get the text because I was working (I finish at 1AM) so text him back the next day - he replied within 5 minutes, and I text him back soon after, after which he replied again.

I work throughout the weekends and often very long shifts as a bar-tender in a very stressful, busy pub where I'm not allowed my phone on me. He doesn't know this, but I told him I work all day shifts.

Anyway, most people are used to me not texting back immediately at weekends because of my job, but I forget that some people aren't/aren't OK with it.

Anyway, I was so exhausted after working the entire weekend (12-1pm with 2 15 minute breaks that aren't really conducive to thinking what to say in the first few texts to someone) that I just crashed on Sunday night.

I didn't end up texting him back til about 7 on the Monday because I had work till 5 then I had to do grocery shopping etc and was exhausted, gathering my thoughts.

Anyway, despite seeming very into me and putting two kisses at the end of his texts and telling me the only part of the night he enjoyed was talking to me and getting my number, he hasn't replied.

To make clear, I did tell him I work long hours, but I probably should have apologised for the late text. It just didn't cross my mind, as I know a lot of people who take hours to reply.

For me, as long as someone replies within 24 hours and regularly replies within a few hours, I'm cool with that.

He hasn't replied in 2.5 days now, so I don't think he will.

Do I text and apologise or leave it?

The last text I sent him was a fairly long one, so it's not like I showed 0 interest.

I couldn't work out why he didn't text me back, until I re-read his texts and noticed all of them he replied pretty much immediately to.

If this is important to someone, I can try and improve, but I feel it's a bit unfair to just cut someone out like that. The last one, to be fair, I took about 24 hours to reply to, but it's more my crazy work schedule than anything off.
A part of me wants to text back and apologise for the late text on Monday, but a part of me says that... we've only just met... we're not in a relationship... if he was really that into me 1 day wouldn't put him off.

We've still texted 3 times that weekend... despite my crazy schedule.

What to do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Trying to be in his shoes:
    I don't feel the need to apologize.
    But it would be cool if you message something like "Hey, if by any chance you got bothered with the delay in my responses please consider that I've been working way too much. It's not like I'm playing or not interested."

    That would show me that you care enough to try to clarify things but has your priorities so is not apologizing just for doing what you need to as far as work goes atm in your life.

    Well... but that's just me.


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  • No, you DON'T need to apologize. Texting him a bit late, that too when you had a valid reason, is not wrong and does not require an apology. He seems way too 'demanding' regarding this.

  • Leave it, sorry

  • No leave it. You already told him you work long hours and are busy. You have nothing to apologize for. You don't have to be texting him 24/7. If that alone made him lose interest it never would have worked anyways.

  • Nope, don't text. You'll appear needy. Don't show interest more than he shows interest in you. I thought girls already knew this.

    • That's true. It just chalks up to another waste of time. I don't get why guys do that if he's not pissed about the long tb.

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  • You did nothing to apologize. Your working hours is there, and he knows it. In my opinion, he is little pushy.
    He is over reacting or he lost interest? Either way, there is nothing to do. Leave it like that.