How do I find a new girl after my first love?

I need to make a stand to move on, but i can't seem to date other women, or even see them in an attractive way. I mean, dont get me wrong, i look at women and say "Damn she's hot" But i can't go any further. I just broke up with my ex, and all i keep getting told is how i need to push myself to go bang a new girl as soon as possible.

Why can't i do that? I miss my ex so much, and she's with some other guy that she has been cheating with and on me with.

I feel pathetic..


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  • Why are you jumping on to the next girl? Take some time for yourself, have fun with your buds etc...

    • Because she's with someone else, and i feel pathetic for not having one and she does. she's getting fucked by some dude, and i need time to myself? I hate that she had someone lined up after me. Fuck her..

    • You need to move on. Forget about her and what she's doing. There's nothing to feel pathetic about.

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