How to tell the difference between friendly and flirty?

girls i need to know could you give an explanation


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  • According to my own behaviour

    Flirty- I like to talk and text the person, I will text back within the hour unless I'm busy, I will smile a lot, make intense eye contact for a few seconds then look away, sometimes I'll act shy, I use emoticons in my texts sometimes, I will sit close, I will find random excuses to touch (like wrists, arms, hands), I will prolong goodbye hugs, it will seem more like an embrace maybe. I will laugh a lot, tease, find excuses to hangout, or invite you places or events.

    Friendly with a Guyfriend- I won't always text him back (4 ish) days, I won't use emoticons, I will sometimes type one word answers, I won't be as touchy, I won't want to talk to you everyday. I won't care how you perceive me, I will come over to your house uninvited with sweats, greasy hair and all. I treat you like my brother. Hugs are short and quick. I am quick to end conversations, because I'm thinking about other things. I'm not as interested in your life,


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  • When I'm friendly I smile and joke around but I keep my distance when I flirt I smile a lot more, a joke around and I try to be with him more


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