Could this have lowered self esteem?

So there's a boy in my class I liked and he knew I liked him because I said he was cute, but he never said anything back. So I asked one of my friends for advice about him and she told me that he's kinda shy and doesn't really date anyone. Then I told another one of my friends about what happened because she's friends with my crush. She told me that a year or 2 ago he had asked her out but she said no to him (They've remained friends still). I'm now thinking that maybe his confidence has gotten down, and that's why he chooses not to talk to me.


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  • It certainly didn't help his self-confidence/esteem. But it should not have been enough to have destroyed it.

  • or he just not interested in you. Sorry.

    • Yea I thought he wasn't interested either until he started looking at me so much, so I got confused

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    • After

    • then there your answer. "Oh look, it that person who told me i'm cute" *Look*

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