I have a date with a lady i can't be seen with locally.
I was wondering where i should take her and what i should do...
I was thinking of meeting her in NYC, because there we are less likely to see anyone we know, but you never know
So what should i do? any ideas?


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  • Come to NYC, I highly doubt you'll see someone you know. There are so many people.

    • I am from westchester NY so i often do see people i know its weird!
      Its happened before lol!!! i bumped into one of my moms friend when i took a girl to see Wicked!
      it was so awkward
      yeah i will probably go down by union square, i know a great restaurant down there...

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    • De nada =)
      i can't wait to go!!!

    • Haha, have fun ;)

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  • A different city is a great option, or take her to an indoor fun place with a lot of different things to do e. g. bowling alley (both bowling and bar), or you could just meet at each others houses. Why can't you be seen with her (out of curiosity)?

    • shusshhhhh!
      (she is one of my old high school teachers!)

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    • hmmm, i still dont get not an English man!
      is it good thing or bad thing lol!

    • Hmmm more of a daring thing.

  • Is it a high school teacher? I suggest NYC like others posted hun good luck on your date😊😊😊😊

    • Haha thanks!!!
      it wouldn't be a big deal if she was just a teacher... she is my former teacher!!!

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    • Thanks so much!
      She is a lovely lady! and a puma indeed
      but she is like no one i have ever met so i couldnt miss this opportunity thanks for the support!

    • awww well yeah go for it! !! never miss a opportunity you may later regret not taking. .

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  • Unless you already have a girlfriend and are planning on cheating on her or vice versa, or the girl is underaged, why would you worry so much about people you know seeing you with her?

    • she's over-aged lol!
      she has 15 years on me bro lol

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    • Ahhh okay, I understand now.

      Soo uh, mind telling me how you did it?

    • if you want PM me and i will let you know lol!

  • then why not at your home basically?

    • can't really go over to her place!
      (very complicated living situation for her right now, she is back with her parents :/)

  • What makes u so afraid of not being public with ur family about her.

    • Geez i dont want to write it more than once!
      just look at the other opinion comments

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    • Lol, if ur friends found out they would b wooping and hollering, I'd tell everyone.

    • haha well NO
      lol i want to date her more than once!
      she would be really pissed if i told people about it!