What to do when you're dating a close/best friend?

I started dating my closest/best friend about four months ago, and both of us are awkward as hell. She's "dated" two guys for about two weeks each, but broke up because both times they just wanted to kiss her and do the whole "bragging rights" thing. We've known each other around 4-5 years, and we both had crushes on each other for about 2-3 years, which ended up with me confessing drunkenly/deliriously over a text, which then led to us dating.

We've been doing things together that pretty much qualified as dates for about 2 years now, and now that we're officially dating, I'm always a bit nervous about doing something that goes "too far."

Lay it on me girls, what the hell do I do?

- An awkward guy


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  • Being a person who's dated a close friend before, and still has been for over a year, I know. It's so weird, and I honestly have no idea why. Give it time to sink in that you're dating. I remember when I first started dating my boyfriend it was weird. We couldn't even say that we were dating to someone else it was so awkward. But now we're a bit more comfortable with each other. I'm not going to lie to you-dating someone who's a close friend takes time. With these relationships you can't just jump into it and start making out or anything. It may be awhile before anything exciting happens. Heck, I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year and we still haven't even kissed. It's just that there's this faint awkwardness between you two because your brain is still processing this person as a friend. Maybe try making a little move on her or something. Something slow at first. Hold her hand, hug her, compliment her. You have to water the flower, or it won't grow. Either way good luck!


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