Girls which one would you date? Tarzan the charming? Or G cloony the douch?

Which one you will choose for 18 date only no more?

1 Tarazan the charming? He's charming but not clean at all and didn't shave anything since 3 years he wear strange clothes simmilar to tarazan but more urban he's charming but be he's biggest pro he's appearance bad and smell bad and he's clothes its horrible and he's shoes broken :) he's vehicle it's wooden car but he still charming

2 G the douch cloony he's super handsome but cheater and player and dont care about real love or your feelings he's real douche but he won't physically hurt you at all. He's wearing fancy always shaving trimming all the time he's appereance 10\10 he's driving lambo :)

Both of them are limited with 18 dates ONLY

Which one you will go with for 18 dates only?


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  • Definitely Tarzan but id totally clean him up

    • Not possible you should take him as is and you should ride his wooden car

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    • You're great

    • just the hair, and the smell. thats most of the problem

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  • ... I have to go with Tarzan. 😐

  • None, I'll try to give Tarazan a bath, shave him and give him a makeover

    • Not possible to clean him you should take him as is

    • Yeah that won't work out, I wouldn't be able
      To stand his smell then

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