If you're "seeing" someone, what's normal?

This guy asked me out two weeks ago, and we've gone out on one date. I usually see him once a week since we play volleyball together, but other than that we dont talk a lot or text. I had to make plans the first time, and the second time for this week... he's shy (took him 6 months to ask me out) but i feel like he isn't into me as much as i am to him.

I had a friend and her boyfriend invite us to play some board games with them and i told him about it earlier this week. He was hesitant but agreed, and i just gotta text him the time but i feel like he's gonna bail on me. Am i just over thinking things?

We hold hands, we kiss, but i dont feel like were anything else because we dont talk a lot and he is a horrendous texter. I dont need contact 24/7 but we go days without contact.


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  • Some people just hate texting. :D I do. My ex- girlfriend was mad about me never texting her, in addition I was mostly busy with my studies and work. But she just honestly asked me to at least call her once a day, so she will feel better :D that's how we solved it


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