Hey how do you flirt? I don't know how or how to tell if I'm being flirted with?

Yeah like the title says I do not know how to flirt with girls I am a nice guy and I know own that doesn't automatically mean I am going to get a girlfriend not entitled to one but some girls consider me being nice as flirty. But what I really want to do is learn how to flirt with a girl And learn how to tell when a girl is flirting with me. How to tell if it's playfull flirting or I want to go out with you flirting


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  • If she is nice to you, or shows you kindness beyond that of which you would expect from a female teacher she is either very friendly or flirting. Flirting comes in many forms, such as staring (eye contact), subtle touching, repeatedly starting conversations. In a flirtatious conversation she might talk about things you like, ask you about your day, your plans for the week or weekend and even possibly just a simple good morning or good bye. These are signs that she is thinking about. The signs aren't always huge and they aren't always fool proof. Keep in mind there will always be girls that may do these things but do not have feelings for you past friendship. On the other end of the spectrum there will be girls that say or show very little. Hope that helped!!! GOOD LUCK !

    • Now I'm more confused a lot of my friends are girls and that's as far as our relationship is going to go but I never get the Subtle touch or flirty conversation

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    • I didn't feel to embaresed but I just want to learn how to tell because I feel like no girls are attracted to me in a boyfriend kind of way and all I'll be to a girl is just a friend

    • then I guess now its your job to set the parameters in those relationships because the last thing you want is to lose a friend because of a misunderstanding

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