Is it worth giving him my number?

This question is for everyone. There's a guy whom I see regularly at a place i do business that recently can't seem to keep his eyes off of me yet he's not all that talkative. He's spoken to me a few times in and out of the context of the business we have to conduct together and in banter back and forth (in one of our early convos) he said something to the effect of "can I get 'it' though?" "It" inferring that he meant inside my panties! lol I didn't say yes or no but I responded by deflecting the question. I'm looking for something more serious and I'm quite over the thrill of being able to get a rise in a guys loins, it's boring and EASY. I want a rise in a guy's heart! My question is, should I look at this as proof that the guy is ONLY looking for sex and not even give him my number and continue flirting? Or should I give it if he asks and continue to make it clear that I'm not DTF?

Just to be clear guys EVEN if I do give my number I will definitely NOT be sleeping with him. Ill be setting my standards from the beginning. So the possibility of him talking himself into my panties to hit it and quit it is NULL!. lol


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  • Don't waste your time with him unless you just want a fling. If not, pass him up. There's plenty of other dudes out there.

    • Thanks for responding. Can you elaborate on why, just so I'm clear on your perspective.

    • He just wants sex. He sounds like a horny guy and maybe his "can I get 'it" though" has worked on another woman before, so he thinks he might have a chance with you. You can give him your number if you want, but in the end he only wants to screw you. I went to an all guys school, so who we hooked up with the past weekend was one of the hottest topics. Too many horny dudes in one building lol. Guys just like sex. You have to find one that wants a relationship first and sex second. It's a waste of time otherwise.

    • Thnks! Just wanted to be sure we were on the same page!

  • He is the opposite the other guy who you said in one of your other questions about why he didn't approach you, he seem kind of quiet.

    As far as this guy goes, don't give him your number.


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  • give it if he asks and continue to make it clear that you're not DTF!

    • Thanks ladybug, can you elaborate on why you say that?

    • hmm I don't know i just believe in taking chances on everyone, but he might try to be really smooth and sweet at first cause he wants to get laid, just go into it with no expectations and an open mind so you won't be disappointed if he's a sleaze

    • Yea, this is what I had in mind. I KNOW there's no way I'm going to let him talk his way into my treasure chest (been there, OVER that) so I'm thinking he'll either rise to my standards and recognize my worth in the meantime or eventually give up.