Do you think this was rude for him to say?

I don't know how to feel about it but im talking with this guy and he adores me and always tells me how pretty he thinks i am. I told him that im insecure about my looks and have low self confidence especially when it comes to guys. Anyways we got on a weird subject but tbh i consider him kinda my bf sinceweve been talking for so long. Anyways lately I've felt like most of the time its been sexual attraction so i wanted him to say something romantic to me because its nice to hear. I didn't want a compliment but he thought i did and he started saying u know its weird a lot of girls dont appreciate compliments from other people andcthen he went on to to say i probably appreciate them more because i have such low self esteem. It really hurt me and it made me feel like he thinks im desperate. I don't know how to explain to him why it hurt me so much was i wrong for getting mad or


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  • I don't think that's what he intended at all. I believe he just meant everyone likes compliments, but people who are confident just get on with their life while people who lack confidence really cherish them (e. g. appreciate them more).

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