What's the best way to tell him I'm not comfortable with the intimate paintings he has of me and us in common areas of his apartment?

My boyfriend's something of an artist. I love his work, but some of his paintings of me/us can be kind of intimate... I get that he's felt inspired, and that warms me and I don't really want to stifle that, but he's hung a few of those paintings in his living room, and while I try to see it as just beautiful art, I can easily recognize myself and him, in moments that actually took place, and it makes me uncomfortable that other people who walk into his apartment will probably recognize the subjects and be in on those moments too.

They're tasteful and not explicit, but still... us locked in an embrace and kissing half naked, me lying barely covered in his bed, etc. They are beautiful, and I know he's proud of them, and put a lot of time, effort, and feeling into creating those pieces, but I'd much rather he have them in his bedroom or some other private place. I'm trying to figure out how to tell him this without offending or sounding ashamed of it, though. Help? Do you think he'd understand? Am I making too much of a deal of this?


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  • Wow, a real question.

    I think no matter how you "phrase" the suggestion (to remove it from the living room), he'll know that it makes you uncomfortable.

    You can be direct or simply suggest that it'd look better in the bedroom or bathroom.

    • A real answer, lol. Yeah, I don't think there's a way to avoid him knowing I'm uncomfortable with it. I'm liking suggesting it will look better elsewhere though; it's a little softer approach. Thanks.

    • Yeah, didn't mean the "real question" as an insult, in case you took it that way.

      This site has a lot of silly (to put it kindly) questions on it but I choose to be here so I do tolerate.

      Anyways, hope this helps.

    • Oh, no, I didn't think you meant it sarcastically or anything. Just, the other two answers weren't very useful at all lol, so I'm glad you answered with something real. It did help.

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  • This has to be the most female question I've ever seen.

    "I mean, he's reaaaaally talented, but his talent kinda interferes with my feelings, so... Ya know."

    • Sure, well, have any advice for this apparently very female question? His talent doesn't interfere with my feelings, it's his placement of those pieces and their visibility to anyone who walks into his apartment that's bothering me.

  • Then remove all the posters of guys with 6 pack abs from your bedroom wall.


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