Is this normal in a 7 month relationship?

We have been dating for 7 months. When were together were amazing. When were not together due to work or life we have hardly anything to do with each other. Yesterday my bf worked 2-10pm and today the same. We didn't talk all day. I texted him I miss him and he never texted back. We talked on the phone for 10 mins yesterday and 10 mins today. Thats all. He isn't a talker so he doesn't say much and i have nothing to say so it just inevitable ends. Is this strange that in 48 hours we have talked for like 20 mins on the phone thats it.


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  • I've been dating my right hand for 2 years.


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  • that's ok. as long as you interact when you're together, especially considering beither of you are talkers as you say. some people just aren't big on texting and talking over the phone for a long time. I know I'm definetly not. I rarely spend more than 10 minutes on the phone but can talk for hours in person.

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