Dating more than one girl at a time? What should I do?

So my friends tell me that i shouldn't focus on dating one girl at a time, because if we don't hit it off its basically wasted time. I only like to date one girl at a time because i feel that my judgement will get clouded by dating more than 1 person at a time and shit will eventually hit the fan. Of course, dating more than one person keeps your options open and you have more possibilities of ending in a relationship. Something i do like is that by talking to more than one girl, you become less clingy as you have more people to pay attention too. What should i do? Keep dating 1 girl at a time or expand my horizons?

Note= I am not in an exclusive relationship with the girl i have been seeing.


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  • your going to get caught it only lasts so long.

    • There's nothing wrong with dating more than person at once if there's no commitment with anyone. All that's required is honesty.

    • and 8/10 they men or women are honest about dating more than one person.

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  • I've been talking to a guy that basically told me last night he was seeing more than one girl aka me. It really hurt me in a way because no one wants to hear that the person theyre into is into other people at the same time. It bothers me but its life. I feel like its a good thing to do however if you allow the girl to do the same. And if she is the one that shines out of the rest of the girls your seeing, you know she's the right pick. Dating and seeing other people makes you realize what you like and dislike.


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  • I wouldn't do it, i don't care if my friends says that i should do that (anyway, they wouldn't do it) I just wouldn't like to date a girl that is dating someone else, so i wouldn't do that.

    If you want to date two or more girls at the same time, then at least make to tell them what are you doing.

  • Expand your horizons, it always seems like when you settle down with one it doesn't go as well as when you're seeing a few. If none of you are exclusive then who cares? Keep your options open.

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