He tells me he really likes me a lot but wants to take things slow?

So... About 3 months ago this guy approached me at a girls night out at a restaurant. We hit it off right away he wanted my #, but i had to leave to Germany for 3 weeks over Christmas to visit my family. I gave him my number & he called to see me the 2 days but i couldnt see him. I left & he kept in constant touch with me day & night throughout the 3 weeks, texting & calling me. We talked a lot about god & the world & also that we both are looking to be in a relationship, tired of the dating scene & neither one of is seeing anyone else & wanting to take things slow due to our pasts disapointnents. I saw him for the first time again a day after i returned, he took me to dinner, the attraction between us was & still is incredible we spend the night together & well & ... Since then he spends every weekend with me & 1 to 2 days during the week. He txts me all around the clock still. Though its only been 2 months we actually see eachother, i grew feelings very fast & my point of wanting to take things slow went out the window. He tells me he really likes me a lot every time we are together. Last weekend he invited me to come to his brothers game & he had me meet his parents & brothers & sis in law. A few weeks ago he was pretty drunk n asked me to tell him i love him, i hesitated & he said dont hold back because i love u too. The next morning i asked was it just drunk talk... He said he feels a lot for me but doesn't wana rush into a relationship. Now again a few days ago, he was drinking & asked me to be his gf, that he wants me for ever etc. I agreed its what i want, but the next morning i asked was he real, his answer was im technically already his gf but he wants to take things slow still that he does feel a lot for me & assured me not to worry, its coming... Soon... That he wants to be in a relationship with me but to give it more time. Why is he saying those things when he's drinking? Im so confused. I dont want to be pushy & its never me who brings it up. A little advice?


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  • I'm not an expert but my take is that what he says when he's drunk are honest feelings that he's not yet comfortable embracing while sober. He's probably a bit scared and doesn't want to ruin anything by saying too much, but when he's drunk he can't help it. Haven't you ever been drunk? :P


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  • So take things slow then.