Whats the point of being with someone?

I just read a survey that says 50% of women have a backup husband, i read a survey a week ago that says a relationship always ends 50% of the time always through cheating.

Like wtf is the point? I've been cheated on too, and i keep reading all these negative things about relationships and commitment, and hearing about how they never work.

I mean shit, is love possible anymore?


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  • Whats the point of being with someone?
    It can be financial contribution, material possessions, social resources, parenting partner, companionship, sex, etc.

    is love possible anymore?
    Depends on your definition of love. I find most guys compartmentalize sex and love so you could still love someone and cheat on them. A wife having a backup husband doesn't necessarily mean loveless instead she's planning for the 'what if the marriage ends' little different than a guy wanting a prenup. I state little as the backup husband unlike a prenup doesn't come with the implication that your partner is out to use you/get you.

  • Love is probably not possible for some people. We'd like to think their are plenty of fish in the sea, but what difference does that make if you keep catching the inedible ones.


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