should i back off and distant myself? or should i ignore the situation and continue to be as i am with him?

I have been seeing this guy for 5 months. at first we were intimate. after, he was distant and silent. then he contacted me again. and from that we became friends. we enjoyed each other's company and we hang out. i thought he is getting serious until he told me yesterday, he is seeing a girl he met for the last 2 weeks. i was shock. i just remained calmed. i enjoy his company. should i back off and distant myself? or should i ignore the situation and continue to be as i am with him? or should i confront him? he never managed a long-time relationship. I don't want to ruin our friendship but it i do not feel good on what happened. i need some advice.


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  • Do what you feel is right for you, maybe distance yourself for a week, just to get some clarity with your thoughts..
    Awkward situation definitely, he has done nothing wrong, at least he has been honest.
    Same situation happened to me, I gave it space for a while, and the lady is one of my best friends now, time helps

    • thank u!:) i will try to do that!:) you mean the girl you used to see is your bestfriend now?:). yeah i think having a distance is good:) i did that before as well, but he kept in touch. i have a feeling he likes me in a certain level but not ready to commit. yeah, friendship is really good:) did you ever talk about why happened to you and the person you are dating?

    • Not best friends, but she is a very close friend.. Umm, I talk about my dating with her now, and ask for advice. but early on I just let that subject be left alone

    • that's really cool:) i distant myself now but i felt that we are going apart though...

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  • Respect the relationship. Don't tempt him. But if he comes after you I think you can go for it.

  • Just be honest with yourself and go for what you believe


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  • Are you gay?

    • no i am straight and a woman. just i am new here and i was not able to adjust the avatar:) have a nice day!

    • Nice try. When you post anonymois, if you were a girl, it would be a pink female head. Good try though... XD

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