Girls and Guys :) Please share your bad date stories?

What went wrong on the date? What in specific made you decide to not see the person again?


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  • Titanic came out in 3d like 4 yeaars ago, and i took a girl to the movies,
    when i showed up at her house to pick her up, her dad got really upset and told me to get the hell out!
    she ended up sneaking out, we got tacos and agua de ochata, she spilled the whole thing on me... NO PROBLEM
    so yeah we arrive at the theatre and she asks if i want to see titanic because its her favorite movie, she was crying/sobbing the whole time, i just couldn't even handle it, i left the theatre

    • LOL, I suppose she doesn't cry very prettily, like stuff came out of her nose while she cried?

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    • wow... how did she even get home then?

    • yeah she did her father said he would pick us up at 10pm... make sure we didn't do anything lol!
      i couldnt deal anymore, i was too young for that shit
      it was a complete disaster and titanic is like a bigillion hours long, and it sucks

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  • Mines was hilarious now that I look at it. Ok let me tell you:

    My friend Serena got tired of me ranting about being single my junior year and decided to set me up on some potential blind dates. The first few were cool but, there was this one guy named Moosalina (Moo-Sah-Lean-Ah).

    My first thought was, "OMG! What kinda name is that and how do you frickin' spell it? 😕😐 The bright side is that we met up at an upscale restaurant and he was well dressed. He was very attractive and tall which was a plus for me 😊.

    The date was going swell until he called the waiter. Now usually people say, " Excuse me ma'am/sir. May I have..." But, no! He says, "Aye! Where the waiter at?" I was at the table so embarrassed 🙇🙇. I mean he snapped his fingers and everything. Then once the waiter came he's all like, "Let me get a umm... Some scrimp and hot sauce with some fries and a coke."

    Not shrimp! But scrimp! 😭 The waiter asked if I wanted to order and I said no so have knodded and said he understood why. Now everyone had an appetizer tray that had bread and hummus and all kinda delicious things. He takes notice and says, "Yo where our tray? All the white people go trays? Is it because we interracial?"

    I damn there died in my seat. Then once the food came he chewed like a cow and I could see all the food mixing in his mouth. I was disgusted and asked for the check ASAP! I paid and got the hell outta there. 💨🏃🏃🏃 I called Serena and cussed her out. She laughed and I was pissed. Now its something that I can joke about 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • LOL, snapped his fingers for shrimps? I love your cow description...