Ex GF Trouble Need help?

Well me and my ex been talking a lot recently in the past weeks. Couple hours a day) anyway i really do like her and asked her out again, she replied saying ( I Don't Know) and I told her I'll give her time, two days passed and I asked her if she thought about ( during the two days we still talked ) . She replied ( I mean. I just don't Know) and I said OKAY I UNDERSTAND. SHE REPLIED -- Are You Mad? -- I replied ( no I can't be mad at you, well that's all I have to say I'll ttyƂ I guess. SHE REPLIED saying-- okay... Then Tonight around 11pm she texted me. Goodnight. It was around 6pm when we ending the conoversatin. WHAT IS THINKING? Does She Like Me Or What? Should I talk to her to school tommorow?


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  • She definitely likes you! Just give her time, she's probably just trying to see how bad you really want her and figure her thoughts out.

  • She simply wants to talk to you again and you are taking this as something else. I would be patient and not pick at the issue of getting back together.

    I know because overtime I even text my ex... right away he thinks we are getting back together


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