What are my chances of getting a lady's number if I offered to fix her driver's side door mirror for her for free?

She was supposed to get back to me a bout it... is that a flat out sign to not waste my time, or is it possible that she just doesn't really worry about it, and it's not very important to her?

Also, I really want to throw a pick-up line at her - but a respectful complimenting/romantic one, but when ever she gets closer and closer to me, my heart races faster and faster, my palms get sweaty, I feel an adrenaline rush... why me.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • There is no background info here, is this a neighbor, coworker etc? If not, then you shouldn't be harassing a stranger for her number/to fix things for her. And chances are based on your demeanor alone as a woman she's figured out you're into her so her saying she'll get back to you is a sign.

    • She works in the suite next to the suite the business I work for is located. We say hi every day, I get smiles from her every day, I have posted some excess inventory from her ebay for her...

    • try and just talk to her when you see her next, small talk and see how it goes.. easier way to get her number than doing her a favor and asking for it then she'll feel like she has to give it to you cause you fixed her mirror lol, even though its not your intention it can be interpreted that way

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What Girls Said 1

  • So you're fixing her mirror, with the intention of getting her number afterwards?

    • No. I actually wanted to fix it for the right reasons. She has a couple kids, is divorced, and im sure she wouldn't enjoy paying a fix it ticket... but also because after I had fixed it, she would be reminded of me every time she drives her car.

What Guys Said 3

  • Dude, don't veil your interest. Be straight with her. If you like her, ask her out--you don't need an excuse, just do it. Plus, you come off really weak this way (and a touch manipulative).

    It's like a transaction: "I'll fix things if you show me interest." Except there is an air of "please please please go out with me, I'm useful, I can fix shit, PLEEEEEEEASE"

    Not attractive.

    Don't make bullshit excuses, don't try to be her servant, just ask her out.

  • You would fix her mirror just in the "hopes" she'll go out with you?

    C'mon man, that's pretty beta. Literally no woman on the planet would ever do such a thing for you.

    • The mirror is because I am a gentleman. And I know she is a single mom with kids that ride in that car.