What should I do?

Ive been seeing this girl for about 2 months and last week she told me that she needed time to find herself. Everything was going fine and then this happened. I really didn't think it was to big of a deal but now I'm feeling that we should have went farther and I can't stop thinking about her. I went from talking to her 100 times a day to not talking to her at all! I don't know what to do. She said that she is not trying to find other people but I don't know what to believe anymore.

So she came back and everything was fine for a couple weeks and then the same stuff! she tells me she loves me but she has to do this. she brought me to her parents house cooked me dinner and then said I just have to find myself but I love you! wtf I just
don't get it! I'm trying to forget her but I can't then she emails me saying she wants some stuff back and if I knew what love is I would understand what she's doing and support her I don't know what to do. please help
Ok so I stopped talking to her and she still texts me or leaves me a message on fb or a comment and askes me if I want the get some dinner or something. I just don't understand this.


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  • Shoot, if she really liked you as much as you liked her, she would've stuck with you and worked things out even if she "needs time to find herself." And another thing, if she was really struggling to find herself how come she just stopped talking to you from 100 to zero times a day? That's just not like a girl at all to just stop talking to a guy if she liked him, if you catch my drift. So all in all, she just didn't want to tell you "I don't like you so back off" so she said it in a nice way. By the way if you keep thinking about her you won't ever move on, I promise you. I'm sure there are a lot of other girls who would love to be with you. just don't overdo it by talking to them 100 times a day. *laugh* Hope this helps, best of luck. ^_^

    • So I guess I should just give up? I just wish it wasn't so difficult!

    • Yeah it going to be tough but remember is it YOU who has to move on. No worries you'll get over it everything takes time. :)

    • I guess your right there is nothing I can do! I hate this!

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  • shes messing you around a little bit tbh,

    it sounds like she still likes you and doesn't want you to drift away from her or loose interest, but she still hasn't found herself.

    if she hasn't found herself, you shouldnt make her feel lonley so if she asks you to hang out then go for it and play off her reactions, if she flirts, flirt back...

    HOWEVER don't get sucked in, hang out with her a couple of times before you mention her ex, but if she's still hanging with him aswell as you.. she's playing you both off against one another so you should make the choice for her, its him or you..

    hope it helpss :)

    • So what should I do when she texts me? don't answer? Tell he to leave me alone?

  • She probably likes you and needs your attention...and since you're all peeved and rejecting her then she's looking to her ex for validation. Playing the cold shoulder will just push her farther away..Communication is always better. If you like her you are gonna have to risk it and be vulnerable..at least you will get somewhere.. Playing games and ignoring her texts blowing up and fighting or arguing about actions and not about feelings are games in theirselves...The truth (with each other and self) is always the most efficient and rewarding route. I would call her and ask to talk or go eat something and hang where you can talk about the whole scene and get it all out and lay it all out. Peace is priceless.

    • Every time I try to talk to her about things all she says is I don't know and I just need this time. Then I always leave it in her hands and say when you wanna talk I'm here. I just don't want to keep getting played around and still end up with nothing. I tried to be friends at first but it seemed like we where just getting back to where we where and then she would just say I need time to find myself.

    • I hear you..if it was me I would ignore her texts..and go foward in my life..you deserve better if you give better. :)

  • You could try asking her if she wants to talk about it

    or that you can help her find herself and be her support

    She basically broke up with her so if she doesn't want your support or talk about it

    you could just tell her

    that its killing you too see her with out her.

    If she loved you as much as she said though she would stick with you

    You could also tell her that you love her just the way she is and has already found herselff


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  • @Your Update: Stop returning calls from this girl and replying to her text messages. Don't contact her at all or allow her to contact you. She is stringing you along because she has no idea what she wants. She throws all this "you don't know what love is" bullsh*t at you just to confuse you and get you to go along with whatever she wants. She's only going to keep using you until she finds someone else, then you'll be left even more hurt. Cut all ties now and move on.

  • She basically broke up with you "nicely". You know, the old "it's not you, it's me" routine. Best thing to do is move on from this girl.

  • I am speaking from experience, and you're not going to like what I tell you to do because it is tough to do if you like her still. Just stop talking to her. Ignore the hell out of her. You don't need these games, these sh*t tests she is throwing at you. Is it risky? Yea, but it is going to create attraction. She is going to wonder if you like her anymore and what you're doing.

    I mean it really sound like she is toying with you and the other ex. So just say F it, stop talking to her. Or if you don't want to do that, just play it call. Act busy, give her one word answers...don't give her the time of day.

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