Emotionally invested

A few months ago, a man approached me and began hitting on me in a cafe. According to him, he wasn't hitting on me, but he eventually asked me for my phone number, and he called me that same night.

For several months, we would text and he would use a lot of sexual innuendo in conversation. He said I turned him on and he wanted me. But I was nonchalant to his advances.

Recently, we spend an afternoon in the park making out, leaving him sexually aroused. Two weeks after making out, he decides that it better for me to find someone else and have babies. Out if the blue, he disclosed his true intentions and how he was wooing me to have sex with him. But, he said he was glad he didn't follow through because he didn't want to hurt me. Now, I am left hurt regardless because I was becoming emotionally attached to him. I feel used.

Lastly, he disclosed being bipolar, and a married man with having kids. His wife doesn't know I exist but his kids know me as one of his friends, and he wants to continue seeing me.

Recently, he had the audacity to say that he is

glad I am not dating anyone.

Thank you all for your feedback. Despite him wanting to remain friends and not disclosing our relationship to his wife, I lose. I am guessing he wants me around as a friends with benefits. Just last month, he reverted back to sexual innuedo.
It has been a month since he last contacted me, and since we last meet in-person. I have been struggling with the urge to make contact vía phone or text, but as days go by it's becoming less tempting.


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  • Damn. Kill it, whole and entire. Just cut it off. Tell him it's over and then let it be over. No what if's, maybes, buts, or if only's. Just end it and move on. Dumbass didn't even know how to cheat on his wife right. What a tool.


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  • I have to go with everyone else on this one. It sucks and it may sting a little but do not get involved with the this guy. It would also be a very good idea to have no more contact with him. You are just setting yourself up for heart ache if you continue. Good luck.


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  • You need to cut this off completely. Cease all communication. What he did was totally wrong but is common. Very common. Always be weary when a guy always wants to talk about hooking up with you or using a lot of sexual talk. I mean his intentions were a little blatent. Karma will kick him in the ass pretty good and I wouldn't wanna be anywhere near him when it happens. Just move on and find yourself a nice man who knows how to treat a woman. And as far as sex goes, if you get attatched pretty easily then you don't want to jump into having sex until the guy has actually earned that pleasure. Make him work for it.