I need some advice on Friends with Benefits?

So was seeing this guy for about 8 months or so. We were in a friends with benefits relationship. It felt like we were getting closer to eachother but we had gotten into an argument and haven't spoken since then. It's been about 5 months since we have even spoken. Haven't said a word to eachtother but I can't seem to "get over it". If that's even the term I should use. I'm not sure why I'm so hurt over the situation but it feels like a huge void somewhere. Anyone have any advice on what to do or have you been in the same situation?

Can I get an opinion without a judgement please.


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  • I would say do your own thing and what u like to do it sounds like the guy could be busy

    • Yea I was thinking it might be possible to. But it's been such a long stretch of time not sure if I should even get in touch with him or not

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    • Yea i can't say I ever saw him as my "imaginary friend" lol! But we did get along good

    • lol that's good

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  • I would say focus on you explore your music taste listen to songs you haven't heard in a while and explore bands more find your hobbies maybe hit the gyms a bit whatever betters yourself and your day

    • You think it would be a bad idea to message him and see if he responds. I somehow just want a bit of closure

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    • Why would it become more trouble?

    • You may get hurt again

  • I can't believe you would subject yourself to an friends with benefits situation, is what I think

    • What do you care

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    • Well it happened, and I was at a point in my life where I was really hurt by a previous relationship and I didn't mind it. What bothers me is how he just disappeared after we were together for that long.

    • I'm just sayin' I don't think women should subject themselves to such things

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  • Are you just missing the sex or the guy? If you haven't had sex with anyone during the time you haven't been with him it could be that you just want sex and you're just combining that with the guy.

    • I'm honestly not sure I haven't even really had a desire to sleep with anyone else in the time. I feel hurt I guess cause I don't have closure. Yea I k we what the relationship was but it feels like he just ran away and didn't treat me like a person. I've been tempted to text him to see if he'll answer but I don't kbow I'd I'd be ignored

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    • Not really because we both clearly knew what was in it and what wasn't, plus I was moving away and wouldn't see him. We never texted or called either as just acquaintances or when we were hooking up, so it was easy.

    • Yea like we didn't really either and yes I knew what we had. We did text tgo when we wanted to hookup and we actually hung around a few times without having sex. Made me actually think he was pulling for more than just a friends with benefits to be honest which made me question things. It's not that I'm so heart broken or anything but there's something about it thay leaves a sour taste in my mouth I guess. It's like I want to talk to him at least once more and I don't know why
      I hate the feeling