Define a woman that is a "Ball Buster"?

Dates can always play out to be the good the bad or the ugly. You know you're on a date with a ball buster if?


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  • She won't let me be ballsy. She's always busting my balls.

    I try to be bad ass tough guy and she socks me square in the nuts. That's a ball buster.

    • Ha- I guess maybe I'm thinking more of a girl that busts your chops and drags you all over the carpet in a debate. I call it conversation but in the south I think they call it Hillary Clinton or something... to call a guy out when he is, well, maybe speaking it up a bit on a topic you know more about and know he is in fact wrong.

      Woman calling a man on his shit= ball buster (if on date)?

    • I meant this in a figurative sense, so yes you're spot on. When a girl is on top of my schemes in a conversation, I feel my nuts shrink and oddly enough, excitement builds.

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  • Haha is being a ball buster a good thing or a bad thing?