Hey everyone! How can I change a guys mind about me being his booty call?

Long story short... he used to be in love with me, I hurt him and things have changed.. I am assuming all he wants is a booty call by how he acts and we andre meeting up next weekend for the first time in 5 years and be both want to have sex again BUT I want it to be more than just sex. Any advice?


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  • So did y'all use to date? Or we're you only a booty call?

    • He was my best friend... he asked me to marry him and I didn't

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    • Well we used to sleep together and it was more or less a relationship. .. just not official and that's the thing.. the sex was amazing... I want to have sex with him but I want to win him back

    • If you want to be more than a booty call, don't have sex with him yet. Wait awhile

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  • you girls seem to really take this "sex" thing for granted.
    i would advise you to just be cautious and don't let the fact that you want more and he (supposedly) doesn't (because right now you don't have any idea if he wants or not) make it a shitty night.
    also it would probably be wise to not talk about old stuff.

    • But I want to reconcile is the problem.. I made a mistake and I want t fix it

    • well, yeah, but not on the first date. you should at least get to see him face to face and read his behavior: if he's open to reconciliation and shit then you're lucky, if he's not open then you can't really do anything about it.
      think about it: if he's resentful of you and only sees pain and bullshit in you, what can you do to change that? you could cure cancer and aids and invent infinite free energy source and all he'll think about is "man, look at that bitch, trying to make me get back to her so she could fuck me again".
      like i said, be cautious (meaning don't go to him with the idea that everything will get back to they way it used to be if you just manage to say the right words) and try to have a good time without being in his face about how you're sorry and want everything to get good again.

  • Don't be naive. It's not going to happen.

    • Why do you say that?

    • If you hurt a guy once, it's over. Beyond the one time, he assumes you're playing games with him (even if you honestly say you aren't).

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  • Once a booty call, always a booty call.

    • This is a guy who asked me to marry him 2 years ago yhough

    • Hmmm keywords "2 years ago"

    • Ya and I made a mistake that I want to fix