Too Attached Too Scared: How do I not screw this up?

Lately in all my relationships I either get really attached or he gets really attached and even though I want a serious relationship , once this happens I start to either feel like he is losing feelings for me or I start to lose feelings for him. And then the relationship just slowly dies. I think it is because I am too scared to get hurt (I am the type to do anything for someone I care about which has got me in some situations in the past with guys) so I tell myself things are not going to work. But I met this guy now that I really want to be with and where before I stated getting attached if he fell asleep in the middle of us texting I didn't worry, now I feel like whenever we aren't together that maybe he found someone better, and I am too scared to even ask him if we are dating exclusively because I don't want to seem clingy. And when we are together I try not to be too affectionate because I don't want to seem clingy, but I think that is what he wants. Can anyone help me figure out how not to screw this relationship up?


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  • Stop thinking (overthinking) and let your intuition do all the work. Just kick back, relax and enjoy what you are having.

    • I guess I should stop overthinking, but I feel vulnerable when I am not. But I guess it is worth a try! Thanks!

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