What does it mean when a guy texts a lot less?

I've been dating this guy for almost two months. I really didn't feel like dating anyone when I met him but he convinced me little by little. We met at a party through some mutual friends.
Since the first day that he added me on FB, we started talking literally 24/7. We'd share links that we found, we'd go into debates, we'd tell each other stories. He wouldn't spend an hour without texting me.
We started dating and we really had a lot of fun for a few weeks. We really started to like each other's company.

And then one day, he barely sent me any text. I'm not the clingy type so I just assumed he was busy or just needed some space, so I let him be. We saw each other a few times as well and we had fun, but the texting during the day really stopped. He barely calls me, and when he does, it lasts for about a few seconds before he finds a reason to end it.

Now it's been almost two weeks since that day, and everyday he texts less and less. So I'm starting to wonder what's wrong. I try not to force it, I don't text too much and I don't insist if he doesn't answer.

But I'd like to have some guys' (or girls) point of view? What happened? Why do you guys do that? Is he not interested anymore and tries to kind of fade away slowly? Or does he just need more space?

And most importantly, how are we supposed to react in these situations? Do I wait? Do I end it? Or do I talk to him about it? (I heard that talking about it is an absolute no, so...)


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  • He's strating to think there won't be any progress, and he's given up

    If you really like him, just start an interesting conversatin with him, or you can just initiate the relationship into something more serious, like gf/bf or friends with benefits .

    • He's the one who insisted on being exclusive and I agreed. So... I don't even think I want to go any further than that until I'm sure where we are right now..
      But I do try to initiate conversations, but he cuts them short every time...

      So you think I shouldn't say anything?

    • Can you take it any further with him? Like sexually?

      I don't mean like suck his dick right away or anything, but like a quick kiss on the cheek or something? I don't know what his personality is like, but usually we will get the hint at that time...

    • We were already on the adventurous side sexually when he stopped texting :P

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  • I don't think u have to talk to him about it, if m him and u asked me i would say nothing is happening..
    And Hangout with him a little

    • You really wouldn't notice if you completely stopped texting? :S And seriously, as a guy, can you think of a non-needy-sounding way of asking what's up? :P

    • Do you know when a relationship becomes serious?
      When it becomes like the relationship between u and him... let me give you an example..
      This is stupid... but say that you bought a new car, the first days you'd be cruising everywhere, maybe you'd do this for three months along, and with the time this kind of excitement will decrease until you reach a point that you will be managing a times for when you have to use your car.. going to work, going
      ti hospital, going to beach.. whatever.. it will be limited and organized... that how we guys think, and you girls have to make a one...
      Forget about these two months you had with him, life is ups and downs, and you should learn how to face it..
      And the beautiful times will come, just wait for it..
      But i would say you better talk to him about it..
      It's just my point view

  • If a guy is texting less it means he doesn't feel like texting which some say is an indicator of disinterest. I'd say it is most of the time, but some people like myself don't like texting/talking too much. I talked to this one girl for like 3 days straight through texting and I swear I could have had sex with her if I had kept going another hour or two. But I was really sick of texting so I told her I didn't want to text her any more.


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  • I am in the EXACT same situation!
    I met someone 5 months ago.. We spoke hours all day everyday, not sleeping until 2am because we couldn't get enough of each other! One month into us seeing each other, the texts became fewer and contact was less regular. I left it for a week (I am the paranoid type so I was worrying!!) I text him and asked if things had changed etc.. He text me saying that once he gets to know someone he doesn't see the point in textign everyday 'how are you' 'how's your day' I thought that was quite odd because if you like someone you want to see them right? But I have learnt to deal with the way that is, he still treats me like his girlfriend when he sees me, he is just very unaffectionate when it comes to the phone and texts!

    And 5 months later we are still seeing each other. So I wouldn't worry!

    • Oh! That's interesting! So do you think I should talk to him about it? Or just let it be? It's really starting to stress me out and I was about to end things...

    • Well as I am a paranoid person and always think the worst I spoke to him about it.. He told me that if there was a problem he would talk to me about it, but would rather have proper conversations with me in person than via text!

      It is up to you.. If it is stressing you out then talk to him as it will put your mind at rest! X