Would you not engage in a relationship with the mother of your sons girlfriend so the kids could be happy, even if it's temporary? More details below?

I'm a single father. I've been friends with this woman for over 13 years. Nothing sexual during that time. I was married and so was she. I divorced 2 1/2 years ago and she got divorced 1 1/2 years ago. My son ( 11 years old) and her daughter (11 years old) have been best friends. Last month my son told me that he told the girl he had feeling for her. She had feelings for him and they "made out" and now are in love. This happened on Valentine's day. During the time they were hanging/making out her mom and I were having some drinks. We also admitted to each other we had feelings for each other. It's just we didn't act on it when we first met. We instead got with our now ex spouses. We ended up having sex that night.

Both of our kids found out we had sex. They caught us the following weekend. There were disgusted, then they got angry at us. They said we can't get together because if we got married they would become siblings. And they just fell in love them selves; and sibling can't date each other. They continue to date. They think we stopped having relations. We haven't. We see each other while they are on their dates or at school events. I know we should stop having sex but the sex is really good. She is way better than my ex wife was and she says I'm way better than her ex.
We (the parents) are trying to figure out what to do.
The only thing we can think of is to wait it out and see. But these two kids are very compatible with each other. They are the black sheep of the school and have a hard time meeting/speaking to other people. So this might work out for them.
Anyone gone through this or have any advice?


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  • Aww this is such a tragic love story. But if your relationship is only about sex and convenience than it's more important here to put your children first. It's easy for the two of you to relate since you both are divorced with a child. But unless you're thinking about your relationship seriously, like marriage, you should probably stop seeing her for the sale of your children and their happiness.


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  • Wow I think thats cute but it sucks that both you and your son like the mom and the daughter


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  • What a weird situation I think you should let the kids be happy together its hard to find a good relationship.. Things would only get weirder if they broke up and then you guys kept seeing each other

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