Do you freak out when you realize you are beginning to like someone enough to get hurt?

I suppose this could happen with a crush and rejection, but I mean more in dating. Like if you have been seeing some for a month or two, do you ever start to realize that if that person were to leave you, you would be hurt? and this feeling kind of scares you?


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  • Yes it's the most annoying and vulnerable feeling when you actually start to care I hate it so much...

    • Good to know I am not alone.. vulnerable is a good word, I should have sued that instead of freak out!

    • I literally caught real feels for this guy I've known for a while and we are friends after a dance/party I swear I didn't sleep for days. how the fuck should feels give you insomnia for a week... that is some serious shit

    • That is not cool, but to be honest I would prefer that over what I have now, wish is a girl I really enjoy dating, but have not once felt 'butterflys' for, not even the first date. at least you know you really like them, but it is scary to think how much power they now hold to hurt you

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  • Yeah at that point I start backing away until I'm at least 50% sure that if they were to leave me it won't hurt as much. To be honest I'm more scared of a guy telling me that he loves me than him leaving.

  • The feeling doesn't really scare me now because from the instant i begin a relationship i already expect to get hurt and when it happens its not a surprise

    • that is not good... I guess I still expect it COULD work out, but expecting it to fail will only make it fail...

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  • I do get how one can fear something like that.
    But to freak out sounds like an overreaction to me.

    • Maybe it was just poor vocabulary, its not debilitating or anything, just occasionally makes me a bit nervous.

    • Oh yeah.
      It's quite normal to feel a bit nervous when you feel vulnerable.
      I felt this before.
      But its not about feeling it. Its about dealing with what you feel.

  • No. I am not weak.

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