Does she like me back?

It all started at the start of 7th grade. I went to my bus and met this fun and outgoing girl, the girl of my dreams I could say. We talked a lot everyday at the bus lot. She's in 6th grade and is taller then me.

But we can only talk at the buses, since we are in different grades. I really like her. I just feel that "Click" when I have to go. We only get about 5 mins to talk each day. There's never anytime where we don't have something to talk about. She mainly talks about her life.

I wanted to see if there was a possibility I could date her. I started to look for clues. One day we were talking about bfs/gfs and she said she wanted one.

For me, that basicly gave me the opportunity to ask her out. We just need to talk more. I asked her for her number/texting app, and she said she didn't have one. Note that she isn't a dramatic 6th grader and wasn't paying a lot of attention at that moment.

That kinda changed what I thought about asking her. Now I think it's a 50/50 chance.

The next day, me, she, and a friend were all pushing each other for the fun of it. She's tall and I guess likes to wrestle. This triggered the "Click" again

So the question is, should I ask her out? Where? When? How? I am still in 7th grade and I'm 13 years old.

Poll: Should I ask her to be my girlfriend?


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  • Go for it the worst she could say is no but I would be concerns only being able to talk to her for 5 min each day and taller girls usually don't like guys shorter than them


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  • "It all started at..."