Hey GAG'ers, what are some unique first date ideas?

I'm trying to get some ideas for something unique. Any ideas?


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  • Invite a few mutual friends over, and cook two different dishes, and have them judge who's dish is better.

    Go to the mall and find a few interesting people, follow them around distantly, try and piece their story together, based on the way they talk to each other. Whoever comes closer to the truth wins. (that on can be a bit weird, but really funny if you're far off.)

    Go to a party store, sit down in the beer cooler, and play blackjack noisily. See how long it takes to get kicked out.

    Rent a bunch of documentaries and get dressed down in sweat pants, make pininis for each other based on the things YOU like on a sandwich. It gives the other person a chance to know your tastes, and get used to not being so nervous about dating.

    If you have a pool, screen Jaws, or Lost or Islander on the side of your house with a projector. Sit out on the pool in floating seats and see who jumps in fear enough to fall in.

    Visit an air and space museum dressed in Hawaiian shirts. Take pictures and ride all of the kids rides, and then bitch loudly about how people gave you funny looks.

    Go to Sonic and see how many bacon and cheese hot dogs you both can eat, and then try and Ice Skate. (That one is not so fun)

    If your musical, write a song together and perform it for family members, or friends.

    Do a read in: dress comfortably, and take turns reading aloud to each other, then comment on the philosophical and symbolic meanings.

    Brew a beer together, and bring over singles of your favorite beers for the other to try. Maybe do a blind tasting to see if they can guess what it is.

    Tour an old house or castle together, and go exploring off-tour and try and find a way out. Be careful, don't get caught!

    Do a beach date, learn to surf, and have a little surf off of your own. Afterwards, get ice cream and hamburgers and eat them while the sun is setting.

    Buy a lot of near-beer, and wings. Don't tell your partner there's no alcohol. See how long it takes them to "so wasted"


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  • Take a nap together.

    ... actually I'll do it for the both of you.

  • Hiking, fishing, anything that involves sports

  • Hiking is always a really great icebreaker. And it allows plenty of time for conversation.

  • go ice skating, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, to a sports game (ice hockey), build a snowman?

    • What if there's no snow?

    • oh. good point :P forgot not everyone lives where there's a ton of snow

  • Escape the room is fun. But I'm bot sure if it's in your part of the country

    • I've seen similar events, that's a really good idea actually. I think there's a zombie version too, thank for the advice!

    • Yes! There is a zombie one!!! I didn't get to do that one but that would be so much more fun!!!

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  • Take her fishing, then push her off the boat, she is going to remember it for the rest of her life.