Does he think I'm using him?

Ok so backstory;
We met over a year ago, we used to work together off and on (I was seasonal, he was full time) we at the very least seemed like good friends
We have hung out a couple of times alone and both times he seemed really flirty and complimented me a lot
(I'm horrible at dating so I'm really slow to catch on to things)
Both times we hung out were about a month a part because he was out of state etc. And both times I asked him, though he seemed really into it, almost like we switched roles, like I was taking the guy role of pursuing him
I called him a couple weeks ago abd said we should hang out again sometime, he seemed really excited but we didn't set a time
A few days later I asked if we wanted to meet later that week, he said he might have plans
Two days ago I called him and he didn't return my call
I messaged him on FB yesterday and he hasn't opened my message
If the roles were reversed do you think he thinks I'm using him for something? * we have not done anything physical and to my knowledge I haven't done anything to make him mad, he seemed really interested a couple weeks ago so I don't know if he just lost interest I feel like there's more to it... thank you for reading this and how do I fix this?


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  • Probably not.

    • Then why completely block me out? We never clarified that we were more than friends and as far as I know he isn't seeing anyone else

    • There are other options.

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  • Maybe so than again I don't know