Would girls date a guy who was once a girl?

Hi, I know I have a really weird question to ask, but I'm going to ask it anyway! Here goes:

Would girls date and/or have sex with a guy who was once a girl but is now "fully" a guy through surgery, hormones, therapy, etc.?

By the way, I am not talking about myself! lol But, it was just a question that came to my mind and I wanted to ask girls how they felt about something like that...

  • You would definitely date him and have sex with him if there was a connection between the two of you
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  • You would date him but might not want to have sex with him.
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  • The thought of a man who was once a woman totally repulses you, and you wouldn't be caught dead dating him!
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  • You may date him out of curiosity, but that's as far as it would go.
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  • You aren't sure...
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  • No. As far as I'm concerned I would still consider him a girl and not a real man. "he" was born a female, he just made some changes along the way. We could be friends but never anything romantic. That's unnatural and I think people who do that have mental issues. You're not a man no matter what surgery you go through. That would be like me saying, "Oh I was meant to be a chair"..no matter what I think I am still not a chair and even if I got surgery to make myself more chair-like I would still be a human female.


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  • Only if it was completely impossible to tell that they had once been anything other than a male, and even then it would be difficult. Not because they're a transsexual, but because I have this bizarre and irrational fear of genital mutilations and surgeries like that.

    • Lol thanks 4 ur comment

  • This was just in a seventeen magazine... and NO! lol just the thought that he once was is disturbing.

  • no it would just be to strange


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