Asked her out, she said yes, now she isn't replying (for over 2 days). Is she no longer interested?

I asked something similar earlier but now I am actually really worried.

So a little background first. I don't really know this girl, like we aren't even friends on Facebook. I met her during orientation week several months back and we talked and honestly, after that one conversation, I was like "SHE IS AMAZING". After orientation week, I didn't really see her or talk to her much. A couple days ago, I saw her on Tinder and I was like "I should really just ask her out". Knowing I probably would end up regretting it, I sent her a message on Facebook and asked her out for coffee. To my surprise, she said yes.

I sent her a message asking what time would be good. She tells me what she would prefer. I send her a message with a time and place and asking if thats good.

She never responded to that last message. I was worried that it was perhaps it took me so long to reply to all of her messages and gave her the sense that I was uninterested or something. So last night (a day after the last message went unanswered), I sent her a message say "let me know if [time] works! I'm really looking forwards to this".

That message has also gone unanswered and I was just wondering if that means the date is off? Although its very possible that she hasn't checked Facebook in over 48 hours, would it be more likely that she is no longer interested?

What is your opinion on this and what should I do?

Also, I understand that without the exact wording of the messages, its hard to judge and give an opinion. If you message me, I can send you the messages that we exchanged just so you have more context.


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UPDATE: She responded telling me that she didn't get a notification from Facebook of my message and that she's still on for coffee!!! xD


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  • Ok first off, are you sure she know you asked her out for a date, or she think it just friendly coffee hang-out? I will assume coffee hang-out for now.

    Second, saying "I'm really looking forward to this!" sound a little desperate.

    Third, assume the hang-out is off until you guys work out a time.

    Girl can be flaky and we all know schedule can change rapidly. Maybe she's actually busy and can't reply, maybe she not interested in the coffee hang-out, who know.

    You should stop sending her any more message until she replied back. If she never replied, take the hint and move on.


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  • Sorry bro. My guess is she wasn't really interested in the first place but just didn't know how to tell you so she just ride it out until she got in too deep and stopped responding. It happens to us all.

  • It's tinder, she is probably dating multiple people

    • meh. I didn't message her on tinder though

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    • Meh... its possible.

    • 1st rule of tinder... don't trust anyone on tinder !! Haha

  • Why do people use Tinder? Very sad.

    • Well, because it's easy and fun...
      You'll figure it out when your in your 20's

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    • There must really be a lot of low desperate people in the world.. did you know last year's miss Australia was on it? what a loser hey

    • First off, I didn't "meet" her on tinder. And secondly, does using tinder make us less of a person? Does the fact that she uses tinder mean she's no longer the pretty, funny, and really smart person I met?

  • She's disinterested.

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