Guy I met up with once says he misses me?

So I met up with this guy recently, who I only see as a friend. He's got a gf and I'm not interested him in that way. On the day we got together we got a coffee and cake, he said he would pay even though I said I would like to pay my own share. He mentioned that I was beautiful, complimented my eyes and hair etc.

Anyway, I sent him another text today asking him how he was doing and he responded with "I miss you!!!" and as I asked if he was free to meet up next week, he said "I will be counting down every second until I see you again"

I actually just wanted to buy him a coffee and cake and make up for the fact, that he had paid last time. Should I not meet up with him, since he's showing me that he's into me in that way? I mean, he's got a gf and before we even met I made it clear that I was just looking for a friend.


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  • Does he still have a gf? Did you meet his gf? bring a friend, dont go alone when you hang out with him.

    My ex is making the mistake of not putting boundaries with a married man.
    Result : the married man wanna bang her , and the wife knows nothing about it.

    • Yeah, he's still got a gf. No, she's live in another country. I'm not planning on meeting up with him again.. He's probably thinking he can hook up with me or something while his gf is abroad.

    • If it's how it feels, you are making the right choice. have a good day :)

  • Okay... ? And?


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